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When handing over the reigns, one quickly learns that paying the piper is no guarantee to call the tune. Once more rational drivers have careered to their logical conclusion, minds and whole languages can be sullied to the extent where merely expressing any deeper yearning is beyond the powers of many, and only those immune to the rationale are able to identify and express the target of such desire.

When these yearnings manifest themselves as the dissatisfactions and frustrations that become the tacitly accepted lives of so many, who is the artist who could harden her heart sufficiently to not toss the lifeline?

Artists offering food for thought; reminding humans of their rights, responsibilities and potential. Much food for thought on their "Participate" page.

A man screaming as softly as he can
Album review: "the way" by Shane Pullen

The broccoli is off the menu
Album review: "Songs From the Front Porch" by Michael Franti

Ask not your place in society, but rather society's place in you
Album review: "Animals" by Pink Floyd


Artists Without Borders
Fostering and promoting catharsis for those in distress, preservation of cultural diversity and peace through the voluntary efforts of artists and entertainers of all genres.

Arts For Change
Activist art fostering healing and social change through community collaboration. Arts For Change promote sharing, engagement and interaction througout society.

Critical Art Ensemble
Variously specialising artists exploring the crossroads of art, technology, radical politics and and critical theory

Strengthening the links between art and activism, nurturing the seeds of liberation not so dormant in the kernel of art.

Tribal Photography
Supporting indigenous peoples' cultural autonomy all over the globe

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