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Human-interest is a many rendered thing. There are objective and politically correct resources a plenty for you out there allready; here instead are the musings of individuals concerned enough to bite the bullet and put their opinions on the line for all and sundry to mock or muse upon according to their wont.

Belal Alani

Commentary: A Change Of Mind
Mid-term elections, this is the cause for reconsideration?
13th of November, 2006.

Editorial: Iraqi Children, Sweets and Car Bombs
What eye-witnesses say about western methods past and present
10th of August, 2005.

Editorial: Iraqi Unity
Risks and Guarantees
2nd of August, 2005.

Editorial: Iranian Role in Iraq
Neighbourly relations
1st of June, 2005.

Pictorial: Obaidi Massacre Aftermath
Images of the results freedom fighters have achieved for the lives of the people of Obaidi, 7th-8th of May, 2005.
31st of May, 2005.

Editorial: Human Rights in Iraq (2)
Exploiting the dogma of human-rights.
21st of May, 2005

Editorial: Matador
Strange saviours
16th of May, 2005.

Editorial: Human Rights in Iraq
With the recent events in Al `Ubaydi, Belal suggests what the violence in Iraq is not about.
10th of May, 2005

Joaquín Bustelo

Editorial: Bolivarian Revolution begins expropriation of landowners

Editorial: Trenchant Comments
Perversions of the unholy alliances

Fata Kocic
Fata Kocic works for various Serbian newspapers including Politica, Novosti and Glas, was winner of the Studio B92 'Zoran Djindji' forum, and appears regularly on Studio B's program "Alternative Guide from Belgrade". Fata is a spiritually motivated journalist pursuing the hope of human solidarity.

A Mechanics of Duty
Living under a mechanised puppeteer

Christina Dobreva
Christina is an Indy Media International contributor and assistant to the British Council in Bulgaria

Letter to Tony Blair
G8 can make a difference.

The Core of Everything

Courting the Cogs
When you have nothing but anger

We reap as we sow

Gods and Goddesses
Some basic components of Wicca

Clinton Fernandes
Dr Clinton Fernandes is an historian and author of "Reluctant Saviour: Australia, Indonesia and the independence of East Timor" (Scribe, 2004). He is currently a Visiting Fellow in International Relations at the Australian National University

Terrorism and Timor
A spurious connection.

A power move with far reaching implications

Gandi and the Independance of India

Stealing Timor's Oil
Re-establishing the context of the matter. This article was originally written for the Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights, Deakin University.

KCB's Strategic Policy
A few brief reminders of Beazley's foreign policy.

The broccoli is off the menu
Album review: "Songs From the Front Porch" by Michael Franti.

Cromwell Hooper

"You'd have to be soft in the head".

Seek the Solace
The single most simple and effective technology ever developed.

We're warning you.

Dogma: Spinning Doctors
Consider the dogma attempting to mitigate privately funded enterprise.

Consider Killing
As ye sow ...

Dogma: Making Hussein
Briefly discusses what lies behind mitigation for the latest illegal invasion.

Ask not your place in society, but rather society's place in you
Album review: "Animals" by Pink Floyd.

Regarding Slavery
Appraisal of the mechanics of slavery.

Jizelle Salman

The Writing on the Wall (1)
Interview: From a series of interviews with Palestinians living close to the wall.


Rep-Resented, Part II
Editorial: Part II in the series examing the sanity, or otherwise, of handing over our responsibilities to "trained experts"

Rep-Resented, Part I
Editorial: First in a series examing the sanity, or otherwise, of handing over our responsibilities to "trained experts"

The betrayal of generations by the immoral minority.
Editorial: The notion of free-will as exemplified by a religion

Debbie Salvagno
Women's struggle and solidarity.


Coalition of the Killing
Song: The definitive stand against the ravages of spin accross the global stage.

The Day Free Speech Died ...
Poem: Sifting through towers of rubble, panning for an endangered species

Think About It.
Editorial: Reflections upon native wisdoms.

The Hard Way
Song. A scathing reminder of the conditions we are prepared to allow our fellow creatures to endure. Think.

Hiroshima Boulevard
Song. this one hurts and presents the usefull discipline of listening to your own thoughts and working out just why it makes you feel like it does. Just Think.

Album review: "the way" by Shane Pullen

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