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Belal Alani

Balal is an husband and father, factory control systems engineer and world citizen concerned for human-rights, wishing to promote more positive and respectful exchanges between cultures than the less fortunate ones so common today.

A Change Of Mind
Mid term elections cause for reconsideration
13th of November, 2006.

Iraqi Children, Sweets and Car Bombs

What eye-witnesses say about western methods past and present
10th of August, 2005.

Iraqi Unity

Risks and Guarantees
2nd of August, 2005.

Iranian Role in Iraq

Neighbourly relations
1st of June, 2005.

Obaidi Massacre Aftermath
Images of the results freedom fighters have achieved for the lives of the people of Obaidi, 7th-8th of May, 2005
31st of May, 2005.

Human Rights in Iraq (2)

Exploiting the dogma of human-rights.
21st of May, 2005.


Strange saviours
16th of May, 2005.

Human Rights in Iraq

With the recent events in Al `Ubaydi, Belal illustrates what the violence in Iraq is not about.
10th of May, 2005.

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