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Down To Earth
International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia. Down to Earth monitors and campaigns on the social and human implications of environmental issues in Indonesia.

Forest Conservation Portal
Ecological Science Based Forest Conservation Advocacy. Works to end deforestation, preserve primary and old-growth forests, conserve and sustainably manage other forests, conserve water and climatic systems and commence the age of ecological restoration.

Global Environment
This is really part of the VL by Tim Berners-Lee himself, so it wouldn't be suprising to find anything you're interested a few clicks 'round the corner. A broad range of links covering much in-depth analysis and activity regarding the plight of the environment

This collaboration barely needs introducing, pitting themselves fearlessly against environmental terrorists acting in the name of legitimate profit or governance. Plenty of opportunities to pitch in and contribute to the cause.

Sustainability Sources
Many many links to the myriad ways in which we express sustainability. Greatly north american in its focus yet more than a few strands of thought represented.

World Resources Institute
Intended not merely as an information portal, their motivation is to play the catalyst for fairer play by some of the rougher players on the losing side.

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