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A growing community of people, each with their own peculiar talents for the betterment of human-interests, loosely affiliate with what is affectionately known as "an human-interest organisation". Some of these contribute directly to the hio website, others maintain their own sites that hio hosts. Some are purely voluntary and of a charitable nature, others are more commercial/philanthropic. These are some of their sites.
Cromwell's home page
Garbled ravings of a staff member at an human-interest organisation.

East Timor Women Australia
A group of university friends committed to lifting the status of women in a newly independent East Timor.

Hope in the Hills Christian Community
Fledgling draft of the website of a place of Hope in the hills

Possessed of the Least Knowledge
Home to a community of artists offering food for thought; reminding humans of their rights, responsibilities and potential.

Sean's home page
Maintaining the rage.

Skeet's home page
The antipodean fifth column.

Skeet's commercial venture.
A commercial venture spreading the message.

Veteran Womens' Centre in Taibesi
The Taibesi co-operative, men and women of East Timor striving for socio-economic independence and dignity.

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