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What we're about and how you can best join in
The threefold purpose of this page requires a better name and being that as it may, you will find here a schedule of our more immediate aggendas to aid us in keeping on track as well as providing you the opportunity to both suggest activities and/or items we may have ommitted or neglected and an insight into the nature of our aspirations and an invitation to join the fray should you see something that stirs your enthusiasm.

HIO encourages contributions; criticism, journalism and art are especially welcome on any matter of human interest, general or specific; hardware, IT expertise and monies have their place also and are greatly appreciated. Should you wish to contribute in any way at all, please contact us at the address shown below.

Invest in HIO's Future

An human interest organisation is a loose affiliation of dedicated individuals doing what they can to present a vision of that better future which is ours when just we reach out and grab it. Those who would frustrate our access to this common wealth invest on a large scale through such avenues as the mainstream media to provide the distractions and escapism required to keep people separated from their potential. Hence HIO, an endeavour to not merely balance the scales, but tip them to the favour of All rather than the few.
The HIO team at this stage are all volunteers, some providing content, others management, direction and training, and all of it given of the free time they can pry between earning their livelihoods, raising their families and engaging in Life as is required of each of them. Even the dedication of HIO members is not enough on it's own to stem the tide of costs for bandwidth, information access, hardware and IT expertise, registration and the wealth of resources required to maintain the organisation's activities.
To help defray the costs of maintaining an alternative media that highlights the system in a light it would not shine on itself, we strongly encourage you to contribute whatever your circumstances in Life may fairly warrant. Whatever you feel disposed to give will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.

Short and intermediate term aggenda HIO pursue in a condensed version as a tool to help keep us on track. If anything here inspires you and you wish to make a contribution or even take on an HIO role then by all means dive in. There are often many sides and alternatives to any social phenomena or point of view, by all means feel free to contribute to the "other side" as it were, or if you think of a worthwhile expenditure of HIO's resources then let us know so we can add it to this list.

Below are a list of intellectual tools that need to be forged, exposes of undesirable aspects of society to put under the microscope and they each have their counterparts in the realm of "good-guys", which are probably more important to portray. To remind a people of the genuine source of their frustrations is not enough, we must point to and encourage speculation about the positive alteratives that can be developed and pursued.

Food Dumping vs. Starvation

This practice slots easily into just about any definition of sin you care to use. As well as highlighting those responsible we should try and expose the good guys as well: who has done what to help get food to those who really need it, food that would otherwise be sacrificed to Mammon in order to carve the the chasm between value and cost this god demands.

Real Well Being
Economies can blossom and thrive in perfect harmony with, some would go so far as to say in direct proportion to, the length of the soup kitchen queues of the same states. Economic terms are usefull criteria for measuring many kinds of things, but the well being of a state's people is obviously better guaged in other ways - by housing and welfare, medicine, literacy and education for instance. We need to forge an easily accessable or understood and relatively easily evalutated formula for reminding ourselves how well we're really doing.

Aged: Value and Care Of
Our opportunities rest to a marked extent on the efforts expended by the previous generation and it is interesting how tangibly we manifest our appreciation. In purely greedy terms, the previous generation have a wealth of experience to lean upon and are in all likelihood eager impart it's lessons. When the lessons they have to teach are not orthodox to the dogma of mammon, what becomes of them? Of arguably greater importance, what becomes of the peoples who devalue and relagate to the fringes their most experienced citizens?

before and after, us and them, all those situations where dogmatic expressions change conveniently according to context, quite often but not always applying to hypocrisy and spin. e.g. "axis of evil", "alliance of the willing", "weapons of mass destruction", "crimes against humanity" and "war crimes", "coalition of the willing", etc.

Public expenditure
Reductions, privatisation, comparisons of expenditure that we need to effect with similair costings for expenditure upon useless or damaging aggenda. Various merits of earlier, existing and proposed schemes. Also the drift from better to the worse types and instances of expenditure. E.g. Education and child-care, Medicine, Housing, aged care, transport

Community Erosion
All theatres of social engagment and interraction which, being lucrative, have therefore been wrestled from the people and handed over to commercial interests, e.g. sport, arts

Common Wealth
Gifts from Nature/Life/God the ownership of and rights thereto are arguably our's all to enjoy but are wrestled from the commonwealth and sacrificed to corporate interests.

Policy Shift
Purported verses actual and promised verses delivered; of politicians, CEOs, etc

Make Your Own Monster
Countries and individuals that publicly deplore activities and individuals that they themselves have made no small contribution to; e.g. Hussein, Shah of Iran, Somoza of Nicuragua, Pinochet of Chile, Millosovitch, Taliban, etc

Spirituality Page
Human experience the millenia over has afforded us a wealth of spiritual technologies in many ways more practical than other disciplines. Tit-bit spoon-feeding has the seeds of it's own destruction built in and rather than this condescension, it would be worth presenting a series of articles and links that tease out, more than anything else, how to apply simple spiritual principles, and progress when you prove to yourself how effective and beneficial such technologies are. Indigenous peoples' wisdoms the world over would be a good start but many religions and orders also espouse fundamental principles the forgetting of which can easily lead to some of the messes we see around us every day.

Artistic Contributions
If you're keen to pitch in and are more artistically inclined, consider contributing to our arts subsite, "PLK". There's a suggestions page there that may give you some ideas to get started, or you may have some ideas yourself to suggest for other artists: . While you're there, take a look around, there's some very thought provoking art there worth your attention.

An human interest organisation runs from physical devices (mainly 3rd hand and much considered good for little but boat anchors and door stops by those who insist on running only the best) which in turn run customised utilities, all of it Gnu/Linux software. Domain registration and more particularly bandwidth are also a consideration in running the HIO website.

Not satisfied with merely maintaining our current activity, we intend to expand towards a more communities based site with opportunities for communications and contributions from all. Time and money are required to facilitate these and we give freely what we can to provide the product you see here. Should you wish to further our cause and contribute with donations of hardware, IT expertise, funding or advice for these, please contact us at the email address below. Here are the improvements we are thinking about:

Upgrade to larger hard disk drive for web server

Upgrade server hardware

Acquire and incorporate backup facilities

Construct documentation for use of our FTP server

Pefect the dynamic IP update script/utility to handle our growing number of appendant web sites.

Upgrade email server, per hap add IMAP facility

Create an automated db/script based test site for future improvements

For queries, or to provide criticism or any other support, please contact us at:

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