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... without whom this ambitious undertaking would be impossible. Our genuine grattitude to them all.
To join our sponsors please feel free to contact us at the email address at bottom of the page.

Alex Nee has put in no small amount of his own personal time and effort to further the goals of An Human Interest Organisation. We do a bit of charity IT work and like any such organisation occasionally bite off a bit more than we can chew. On such occasions Alex Nee has stepped into the breech and with a terrier like tenacity straddled some very late night sessions to not only sorted out the issues but so greatly improved the situation as to challenge credulity. (Anyone interested is welcome to contact us and verify what he's achieved here). Affectionately known througout the open source community as Hard__warE, Alex has given generously of his talents to the world with a wealth of IT solutions, including the reknowned hwfirewall, considered by many as the comprehensive netfilter tool and reference.

Dynamic DNS Network Services, LLC, have provided personalised advice and assistance that has saved in more ways than one on more than a couple of occasions. Well known throughout softwares' free world and the darker side, their expertise and tenacity in the the theatre of DNS services is commendable.

Professionals in the true sense of the word, who have given untireingly of their expertise and time to assist with the ecentricities of our web-site, providing trust-worthy and reliable service in a timely and courteous fashion. (Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? I was there, they were most impressive.) In addition to the services for which Open Door Software's reputation in open-source circles is so reknowned, they also offer all forms of Debian Gnu/Linux and many flavours of Knoppix on CD-ROM. A great all-round open-source solutions provider.

Smart Words have donated hosting space during delicate stages of HIO's development and kindly provide a portion of the site's bandwidth, without which we could not exist, for which we are most greatfull.
Unrelated to their assistance to us, the tongue of good report preceeds Smart Words for the personal touch they add to their high quality writing and editing service. By all reports, Smart Words deftly interweave the technical and creative skills required to forge technical writing, website content and documentation as well as provide proof-reading and editing services.

For queries, or to provide criticism or any other support, please contact us at:

i n f o @ h u m a n - i n t e r e s t . o r g

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