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How we choose to live our lives is for many of us the most important and ongoing set of decisions we forge. Science, logic and their fellows have provided us with some fascinating tools to ease our burden and toys to play with, but when it comes to the important decisions, these relatively new religions demand such doctrines be acquiesced to as their infallibility and inherrent soundness of a life based thereon.

For many of us, these demands require a leap of faith taxing too greatly our credulity, and for the aspects of Life requiring something more substantial than mere reason and proof, only the technologies of spirituality will come close.

"You'd have to be soft in the head".

Think About It
White man still has a lot to look forward to. We hope.

Seek the solace of your own distress
The single most simple and effective technology ever developed.

Teachers' Prayer
A lay teacher from the Catholic education system offers teachers of all persuasions some usefull reminders.


Adrian Woodhouse's Homepage
Practical as only a spiritual man can be, Adrian Woodhouse is an accomplished musician and performer in many genres, public speaker upon important social issues, general all round raiser of spirits and song writer provoking much thought and discussion.

power to share
There is only one power that wants to be shared fully, freely and unconditionally, and love is still a good name for it.

Inculcate the principles of spirituality throughout one's daily life
Without needing to subscribe to any faith at all, let alone another, it is not merely a usefull discipline to appreciate the religious perspectives of those we share this existance with but rather a vital tool with which to craft for each other an improved lot. The journey of a thousand outlooks starts with many single steps - some of them you will find here which makes it a good start indeed. Greatly North American topicality is more than made up for by application of the principles to other cultures.

Spiritual Happiness
Don't be deterred by the commercial aspects of this site, Sharon has an uncanny knack for one of the most difficult of tasks - that of asking the simplest of questions. A good place to start should you "have the itch" but don't know how to scratch it is her "Spirituality for Dummies" publication.

Spiritwalk Portal
A compendium of links to many matters spiritual in nature, quite an education for the unitiated to look forward to.

Workplace Spirituality
Even if you don't aggree all the time with everything they say, it's difficult not to credit the itstime team for their deft weaving of psychological, spiritual and day to day practical principles into a usefull framework for new ways of thinking about what you wish to achieve for your fellow creatures and yourself.

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